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Our green credentials

We believe that our venison is the most environmentally friendly food it is possible to produce on our small hill farm just outside Cupar in Fife, and we are proud of our very low carbon footprint


The farm runs a free-range, grass based system and our deer do not need high-energy cereals to fatten them, only a little wheat is given to the calves to keep them healthy during winter months. The farm is ideally suited to growing grass: the soil is rich though not very deep, and its northerly aspect prevents it scorching in the summer. The long summer days make the grass grow amazingly quickly from April to September, which is exactly when the deer have most need of it to feed their calves and gain condition before the winter. Nature knows best!


During the winter, the deer cleverly reduce their appetite as a natural form of semi-hibernation. But they do need to eat something, and since there is no grass, winter feed is brought in, such as the farms specially formulated and created silage for roughage, and potatoes for energy, from local farmers. The potatoes are good enough for us all to eat, so we do! The young ones are protected during the cold and wet of the winter, in a huge airy barn where they can run about. They are fed the same as the adults outside, plus a very small amount of locally grown wheat. Once they go outside in the spring, they need nothing else but sweet grass.


There are no high-energy products such as pesticides, fungicides, weedkillers, on the farm grass. Manure is used from the overwintering sheds to keep the soil in good heart, and the farm is home to a great variety of wild bees, hoverflies, and other insects. There are also areas classed as species-rich pasture because of the variety of wild flowers. None of these would be there if we used excess fertilizer.


This is where we really score brownie points for a low carbon footprint. All other farm livestock must be taken to an abattoir for slaughter, but our deer are shot on the farm. So in addition to this being excellent for animal welfare, it also omits the use of vehicles to take the animals to an abattoir. Most meat passes through several wholesalers before reaching the public; even wild venison must be taken from the estate larder to a game processor and is then sold on to wholesalers, butchers and retailers. Our deer our shot and dressed on site, then delivered to our butchery to hang, and from there, after some seriously good butchery, our venison goes straight from us to our customers. Wherever we can, we purchase the ingredients to make our products (such as oatmeal, eggs, parsley, pork fat, etc.) from other local producers; often getting them at the farmers markets we attend.


We are conscious of the amount of packaging used in the food industry, and our policy has always been one of minimal use. We have to use plastic for vacuum packaging, but all our cartons for delivering mail orders are cardboard and they come from a firm that recycles boxes, so some may have printing on them or even be turned inside out. They are insulated with bubblewrap which our customers could re-use. We use ice-gel packs which could be re-frozen and used to keep your drinks cold for summer picnics!  At farmers markets, customers have the choice of no bag, a paper bag or one of our Seriously Good branded cotton shoppers


Most paper is re-used, including junk mail - we make this into message pads. Because we accept credit cards, we cannot store or throw away any of these paper records, so they are shredded and then I put them on my compost heap. We are always interested in hearing about new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and welcome suggestions for improvement.

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