In just over 2 weeks we’re off to our first proper festival. Our second outing in the food truck takes us all the way to the Belladrum Estate near Inverness.

We will be feeding hungry festival goers from our truck and field kitchen over the festival’s 3 days. Working alongside John Kettles, a man who is more used to pyrotechnics than pulled venison, we will be creating our own wee dining destination amongst the tents and camper vans, our Seriously Good Kettle’s Kitchen! You will come across more of John’s creations across the Belladrum site…………..look out for the fire breathing dragon!

The festival has been sold out for ages so if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket please do swing by, say ‘Hi’ and grab a bite to eat.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack, we’ve got it covered!

Grab a roll in the morning, our venison black pudding & old spot bacon are a must if you want to set yourself up for a day of dancing and possibly a wee bit of drinking 😉 If you fancy something a little lighter why not go for a tub of granola with fresh fruit and yoghurt or scrambled eggs on toast?

We’ll have plenty on offer for your lunch and tea too.

From 11:30 am until 2am (we must be mental) take your pick from a variety of venison based goodies including burgers, stovies, kofta wraps and steak rolls. All gluten free ingredients and rolls/wraps available too, you just gotta ask 🙂

Don’t worry, we heard that tut from all you veggies, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’re going to have some absolutely fab veggie burgers from our good friends at Mash Direct as well as a super tasty chickpea curry and a couple of soups for good measure.

“Do you do chips?” If we had a pound for the number of times we’re asked this at events…… the wish of whoever those people were is our command.

There’ll be ice cream from some other buddies of ours, the fab folk at Stewart Tower Dairy, so come along, kick back, relax and refuel before heading back to the festival, or swing by for supper on your way back to the campsite after a long day of festival fun and frolics.

We really are super excited about this wee adventure so if you’re going to Belladrum please do come and see us, if only for a wee pie and a blether 🙂

Follow this link to have a peek at our full menu!


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